Month: June 2019

It’s okay to not have an opinion on everything. Not everything needs your input. In the Age of Outrage, everyone talks more than they listen. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone is an expert. They tend to be uninformed, but since they have a computer, they feel as if they can just talk about anything. Be […]

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Recently, as I’ve been undergoing a path towards spiritual and mental wholeness, I’ve discovered a personality system known as the Enneagram. I was introduced to it by a friend of mine, who told me about how it has helped him as a person — giving him a better understanding of his emotions. It has helped […]

We live in what I like to call the Age of Outrage. It’s a society that profits off of anger, despair, and depression. You can see it in the mainstream media, on social media, and even in most popular entertainment. Everyone is depressed about something, and if you’re depressed long enough, this state of mind […]