In my daily struggles, journaling has been a very beneficial exercise. Journaling my thoughts has helped me in the sense that it allows me to not only express my deepest, scariest, darkest thoughts — but my greatest successes and triumphs as well. I don’t always want to tell people what’s on my mind because people tend to either not care, or not understand.

The journal, however, just listens. It’s a piece of paper. It doesn’t judge you or try to give you advice. You just open it up and write. Many of you are in similar situations: A lot of you don’t have anyone to talk to either because nobody will listen, or because you are afraid of being judged.

Journaling has helped me significantly in dealing with my addictions, depression, and anxiety. The direction that I prefer to take with my own journaling is one in which I document the most intense thoughts, the most significant events, and the biggest triumphs or setbacks that I experience on a particular day. I am writing my own story; creating a written time capsule for myself. My hope is that at some point in the future, when I am much more whole than I am now, I will read the entire journal — this way, I can see particular things that I’ve encountered at a particular time and smile: “Look at everything that God brought me through.” Life is war, and every soldier needs a journal. There are no rules to journaling really; you can just use it in whichever way makes sense to you.

I highly recommend journaling to anyone who is on the same journey towards wholeness that I am; especially if you struggle with opening up to others like I do.

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