Month: June 2019

In my daily struggles, journaling has been a very beneficial exercise. Journaling my thoughts has helped me in the sense that it allows me to not only express my deepest, scariest, darkest thoughts — but my greatest successes and triumphs as well. I don’t always want to tell people what’s on my mind because people […]

Social media was once a great way to interact with friends, stay up to date with current trends, be entertained, and just generally pass the time. However, over time, it has become an extremely toxic place for me. In addition, it was becoming a serious problem in my life. As part of the spiritual transformation […]

I’ve been an Uber driver on the side since December, and in the course of doing so, I have met people from all different walks of life, people who have different stories to tell. One day, I asked my passengers if they could give anyone advice, what would it be. The answers, I believe, will […]