Month: July 2019

In my article, “The Importance of Non-Attachment”, I talked about the importance of being detached from everything and everyone. Non-attachment is such an important emotional skill to develop, that numerous people across cultures have talked about its importance. Here are some quotes that stress the importance of non-attachment: “Do not love the world or anything […]

In my entry, “Top 10 Reasons Why I Deleted All of My Social Media”, under the seventh heading, I talked about how outrage sells in today’s society. This is a thought that I wanted to expand on further because it bothers me. It bothers me because the things that people get outraged about seem so […]

Why do we like to talk about other people? For example, when one person — maybe someone we grew up with — achieves success we tend to either: 1) Harbor jealousy towards that person or 2) Idolize that person and look at them as more than human; neither of which are productive mindsets to have. […]