“There’s nothing in this world worth living for, and there’s nothing in this world worth dying for.


When you live by this motto, you’ll understand nothing and nobody on this Earth is worth being attached to. Be completely detached from everything and everyone. Constantly remind yourself: “this person/place/situation is in my life for a season”. This way, when you lose them, it won’t destroy you. Loss is a part of life. When we experience loss, our first instinct is to grieve — we lose our sense of joy, and we give in to despair and misery. I experienced this recently when a woman that I was very interested in rejected me. I became so attached to a false idea of her, the idea of us being together, that I was devastated when I realized that it wasn’t real.

Every time that I have become attached to someone or something in this world, it has disappointed me. Each time they failed me, I experienced loss. However, I don’t have to. We don’t have to be attached to the things of this world.  God is the only one worth living for. He has never disappointed me, and He never will.


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My name is George Gordy. I'm stuck in a hole and I'm trying to get out of it. So I made this blog.