Social Media and OUTRAGE

In my entry, “Top 10 Reasons Why I Deleted All of My Social Media”, under the seventh heading, I talked about how outrage sells in today’s society. This is a thought that I wanted to expand on further because it bothers me. It bothers me because the things that people get outraged about seem so silly and ridiculous to me. Outrage has become an industry, and there are those who profit off of manufacturing outrage. Nowhere is this more prevalent than on social media.

Social media seems to be a place where miserable people congregate. These people spend their days scrolling their newsfeeds and timelines, looking for things to get angry about. Because all of the “trending”, “hot button” issues just seem so ridiculous to me. For example, look at the things people seem to get outraged about: Ariana Grande getting a tan, or Cardi B — a female rapper with a hardcore persona — actually used to rob people, like every other rapper who used to commit criminal behavior. It’s all ridiculous. When people see these things on social media, they become like hungry hyenas who see an antelope they’re looking to devour. There’s an angry mob mentality on social media, where they must find the next person to lynch. It is emotionally exhausting to participate in, and I no longer want any part of it – I do not believe that anyone who wants peace of mind should either. People on social media will find anything and everything to get outraged about.

Many people on social media don’t even realize that it is profitable for people to be outraged. I was reading a news article some time ago which discussed this: This article cited a 2009 study by the University of Pennsylvania, which stated that outrage-inducing content was thirty-four percent more marketable than other forms of content. When one considers this, they have to question what they give their emotions away to. It means that, by posting content that makes you angry, people are trying to hustle you – they’re trying to get you to consume something because they know that drama, negativity, and outrage is more marketable.

From my own experience, the only solution is to disconnect from social media completely. The longer you stay on social media, the more you make yourself more susceptible to this emotional manipulation. Stop getting trolled, worked, manipulated, played with, and harvested. Step away from the herd. Step away from the mob. Stop being a follower. Step away from the outrage-industrial complex and think for yourself.

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