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We’re all just one mistake, one traumatic event, one horrible circumstance away from descending into madness. When you’re walking down the street and you see someone who is mentally ill, on drugs, homeless, etc. ask yourself: “What if this was me or someone I care about?” Put yourself in someone else’s shoes before judging them.

Can I be real with you guys in this entry? I hate not being in a relationship… I’ve been single for eight years, with each interaction with the opposite sex consisting of just rejection after rejection and heartbreak after heartbreak. It’s a pretty crappy feeling. I honestly wish I had someone who I could hang […]

Lust is a powerful and destructive emotion. Many people fall victim to it, and as a result, they struggle in romantic relationships. Lust is not true, genuine feelings for someone — but rather, it is purely physical and based on one’s physical attributes. Love is an emotion based on a mutual connection between two people. […] This article describes ways in which you can not only live a life of chastity, but how to love your partner in the best way possible as well!

It’s okay to not have an opinion on everything. Not everything needs your input. In the Age of Outrage, everyone talks more than they listen. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone is an expert. They tend to be uninformed, but since they have a computer, they feel as if they can just talk about anything. Be […]